Success Stories With Kärcher

Cleaning opesus headquarters with Kärcher product

By moving in a larger office in the city of Augsburg, we not only gained more space, but also an outdoor area with a beautiful view of city gardens and huge trees. We plan to use the space for our breaks, but also for meeting or working outdoors. And, for the time after Corona, we hope to come together with our colleagues from all other offices as well as to welcome friends and visitors from elswhere. In keeping with our corporate culture, we want to have very good conditions for productive work in all of our offices, and create places where we enjoy spending time and meeting others. Many good reasons to set about making this outdoor area as beautiful and cozy as possible.

IMG_6323 2021-07-27 08_17_28

With this vision in mind, the cleaning of the stone floor in the outdoor area made it first on our agenda. We turned the task into a small mini event as a change from everyday life in a mobile office, in front of the computer. Also, we like to buy and use sustainable products from our customers, so we decided to borrowed a professional high-pressure cleaner from Kärcher for the job.

Great Performance

We were very impressed with the performance of the device! The work was a lot of fun and went easily by hand. It's always worth working with high-quality  products 😊 Nevertheless, it took a whole day and two hardworking employees alternating until the large outdoor terrace was properly clean.

Kärcher and opesus EPN for SCIP notifications

At the same time, Lulu from marketing, who took the advantage of flexible working conditions at opesus to work from Singapore and live with her family there, was also dealing with the topic of "Kärcher". Obviously not with some cleaning operation in Augsburg.

Customer Story - Kärcher - Cover Page

Rather, she was on a readable and informative compilation of information also known as the Customer Story of Kärcher and opesus: The successful use of opesus EPN to comply with ECHA requirements for notifications to the SCIP database.

If you want to learn more about how Kärcher, for example, utilizes the compliance data in their SAP EHSM to identify the most relevant SVHC substances, or protects their confidential business information with the help of opesus EPN, download and read our Customer Story - Kärcher.