SCIP database and supply chain communication

SCIP Database: Importance of Supply Chain Communication

The recent ECHA newsletter described ways on how companies can reduce their workload in relation to creating notifications to the SCIP database through supply chain communication. With the deadline for SCIP notifications coming up, being able to rely on supply chain communication to make use of simplified SCIP notifications or using referencing may be a desirable option for many companies.

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Protecting Confidential Business Information for SCIP Database

The SCIP database is developed under the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) to take a step towards a circular economy. With the SCIP database, the product lifecycle is completed with information on substances of concern in articles. One of the things that are a hot topic of discussion is the dissemination of information and protecting confidential business information (CBI).

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SCIP directive and national law

Waste Framework Directive, SCIP Database, Member States' National Law

From 5th January 2021, companies affected by the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) have to submit notifications to the SCIP Database. Affected companies have had the opportunity to test the SCIP database since the SCIP prototype became available in February 2020. Since the launch of the SCIP database in October 2020, ECHA has received two million notifications! This indicates that many companies are at the forefront of managing their SCIP database requirements. Nevertheless, there are many more evaluating the best way to include this new requirement into their business processes. The move towards a more circular economy is being pushed on the European Union level. However, as it is a directive, the next question to ask would be: Has this EU directive been incorporated into national law by all member states?

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Which software solution for SCIP database

Choosing the Right Software Solution for SCIP Database Notifications

Introducing a new tool into the IT ecosystem of your company is a key decision for a company. Besides evaluating the functionality of the tool, other less tangible factors such as ease of use and quality of support are some of the factors one needs to take into consideration. This article covers the tools that you can use to create SCIP notifications and some points for consideration.

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Preparing PCN dossiers for member states

Tips on Preparing PCN Notifications for Various Countries

The goal of the CLP Art. 45 Annex VIII regulation is to harmonize mixture information for emergency health response. It was only a matter of time that the EU takes steps to standardize information for poison centres. As people can move freely within the EU, so can products. Especially for those who live close to national borders, it’s not unthinkable that you do your shopping in a country different from your place of residence.

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UFI requirement EU

Strategies for Implementing UFIs

The unique formula identifier (UFI) is the unambiguous identifier of products classified for health or physical hazards. From 1st January 2021, this 16-character code must appear on or in proximity to product labels.

The UFI will be used by poison centres in the event of an emergency call. Therefore, upon submitting a notification to the ECHA Submission Portal, only poison centres will know which mixture composition the UFI corresponds to. Our FAQ on UFI covers questions and answers about UFIs, including how you can generate a UFI.

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